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The Beauty of Retinol and the Power it has on Your Skin…

While some call it a miracle worker, others depend on science to explain the power of Retinol. It is one of the most trusted anti-aging supplement derived from vitamin A. It works by increasing your cell turnover, encouraging the production of collagen, and thereby, improving your skin appearance on sun damage, lines, acne, and many other skin defects.

If you are looking for a supplement that can help you revive your beautiful skin, and make it shine once again, then this is the right supplement for you. In this article, we’ll dive deeper into the benefits of retinol and use science to explain the power of this miracle worker over your skin.

But First, What is Retinol?

Retinol is a well-known type of vitamin A. It is used to prevent and treat vitamin A deficiencies and as a beauty supplement.

Among the many beauty products that doctors have been working on for the past few years, retinol is the only product that has been proven to actually work. This is why you’ll find the supplement in almost every cream today.

Benefits of Retinol

Fighting Wrinkles

Wrinkled Skin

Retinol is an approved medication by the FDA for preventing and treating wrinkles. Many researchers have worked on vitamin A to prove its effects. This is why retinol has been given the gold standard for reducing fine lines, wrinkles, and large poles.

Retinol works by neutralizing free radicals, which may cause collagen damage in the system. This, in effect, leads to an increase in the production of collagen and enhances the production of new blood vessels in the skin. The effect will give you a reddish and glowing skin, fade any spots and reduce any precancerous skin spots.

Other benefits include protecting you from ultraviolet rays, improve sun-damaged skin, and provide more skin-smoothing effects.

Fighting Acne

If you are struggling with moderate to severe acne skin infections, retinol is the ultimate solution for you. Many people struggle with acne trying all kinds of medications. Nowadays, dermatologists are constantly recommending acne patients to topical acne therapy.

Retinol works by unclogging your skin pores allowing other medications, creams, and gels to work better. By preventing the dead cells from clogging your skin pores, retinol helps you prevent and treat acne completely. In addition to this, they prevent acne scars from forming at all.

Fighting Psoriasis

Oral retinal can also be used to treat severe and stubborn psoriasis. It works by reducing the growth of skin cells infected with psoriasis. If other treatments fail to treat watt infections, doctors recommend that you try out retinol.

The recommended application for this is a small dab on each sore before going to bed. However, you should consult your physician for more guidance on the subject.


Despite many contrary claims, scientists have successfully proven that retinol does not thin your skin. Many other skin gels will normally thin your skin with the time of usage. This means that you get the temporally benefits, but end up with other long-term skin problems. However, for retinol, the problem is no such instances.

According to Dr. Craig Kraffert, centrally to the myths, retinol tends to slightly tighten your skin. By boosting the natural production of collagen, Retinol ensures healthier and stronger skin for you.