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Forget your Joint Pains — Top 6 benefits of Glucosamine

Are you looking for a supplement to help ease your bone and joint pains? Then you should try out the glucosamine supplement. Glucosamine is a molecule that occurs naturally in your body mostly being used for treating bone and joint syndromes. However, just like any other body requirement, glucosamine levels deflate with time as you age. 

After many studies, scientists proved the benefits offered by the amino sugar and it’s evident that this is the right solution for you. Glucosamine helps in the production of several molecules in your body. For starters, it’s good for maintaining stable cartilage levels in your joints. Most often, it is used by doctors to treat joint disorders such as osteoarthritis. 

For a detailed description of the benefits that glucosamine has to offer, keep reading this article. You will find details on how the supplement can help ease your joint pains, help you prevent cancer, and even boost your heart health. 

Helping with Osteoarthritis 

One of the top benefits of glucosamine is its ability to counter osteoarthritis. This is a joint disease that destroys cartilage in your joints and causes bone deformation. These result in restricting and causing painful movements. It often attacks large joints such as the hips and knees. Many scholars have been looking for ways to slow and prevent osteoarthritis. 

In a study made among over 1600 knee osteoarthritis patients, positive results were received. The patients were given a mixture of glucosamine and chondroitin to reduce the joint pains, stiffness, and swelling. When glucosamine was used alone, it showed great results in a month. Plus, there were fewer side effects. 

In another study, 60 patients with knee osteoarthritis glucosamine helped boost the beneficial effects of ibuprofen and overall symptoms of joint function. 

Boosting Joint Recovery 

Another major benefit of glucosamine is helping with joint recovery. This is why it is mainly preferred by athletes prone to joint injuries. Many trials have been made to affirm the benefits of the amino sugar to joint recovery. 

In one instance, where 106 athletes faced acute knee injuries, glucosamine was used to improve knee functions and boost recovery in only 4 weeks. Among professional athletes, glucosamine helped block collagen degradation thus aiding in cartilage recovery. However, it is recommended that one use the right dosage for effective joint and cartilage recovery process.

May Help with Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is a grim disease. It’s an autoimmune syndrome which leads to joint inflammation causing pain and stiffness. If not treated early, the symptoms can spread throughout the body. Many studies have also been made to find the effect of glucosamine on rheumatoid arthritis. 

In one study, 51 patients were treated with glucosamine and significantly improved within a period of 3 months. Scientists were able to confirm the potential of glucosamine; its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant ability. Many other tests were made on mice and people to confirm this effect. 

The study on mice with rheumatoid arthritis, both glucosamine and N-acetyl-glucosamine helped suppress the joint inflammation and enhance joint function. 

May Prevent Cancer

Glucosamine can also be used to prevent certain types of cancer. A study made on more than 75 thousand people who consumed glucosamine and chondroitin supplements, they proved to have lower risks of getting lung cancer and also colon cancer. When a similar trial was made on another two thousand patients, scientists received the same conclusions.

Theoretically, glucosamine is also believed to have the potential for preventing breast cancer, prostate cancer, cervical cancer, and also brain cancer. 

Relieves Gut Inflammation

According to scientists, glucosamine also has the potential to eliminate gut problems completely. They found a strong connection between the amino sugar and major digestive and joint disorders. A clinical trial involving 38 patients was made for three months where each patient was given 3 grams of glucosamine prescription per day. 

This resulted in great progress since the supplement was able to reduce gut inflammation and stopped the growth of dangerous bacteria that cause dangerous diarrhoea. 

May Boost Heart Health

By reducing the heart inflammation as well, glucosamine can also protect your heart and enhance tissue repair. In many trials that have been tested, scientists found that glucosamine protects the heart from injury and bleeding by strengthening proteins and blocking inflammation.